3 Digital Marketing Ideas For Online Retailers During the Holidays

3 Digital Marketing Ideas For Online Retailers During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, there is no reason your retail website shouldn’t be booming with new customers trying to find the best deals. But how do you get these online shoppers to your website? What happens if they leave without buying anything? How can you capitalize on your online reputation through your newfound customers? Shopping season is officially here so we’ve put together some best practice digital marketing tips for all you retailers out there trying to grow your business and boost sales.

1.) Generate new sales through a pay-per-click campaign.

Pay-per-click or PPC is a great digital marketing technique used to generate targeted traffic to your website. PPC is exactly what it sounds like — you pay only when you receive a click. Search engine users find products and services they are looking for by typing search terms or keywords. When the target keywords on your PPC campaign are typed by users on search engines, your ads appear on top, below, or alongside organic search results. The position of your ads against your competitors will depend on how much you are bidding for your target keywords and your quality score. What’s the best part about PPC? There are many options to target your customers such as location, device, time, and keyword matching. When they click on any of your ads, they are directed to a landing page on your website where you can convert them to leads or customers via an inquiry, contact form, or ‘buy now’ button.

2.) Follow visitors that leave your site through remarketing.

 So now you have paid for a visitor to come to your website through PPC. They click around on a couple of pages and do one of two things: they buy something or they don’t. If they don’t purchase anything and leave, you have just lost that lead. Or have you? This is where remarketing comes in handy. Now, instead of losing that lead, your website’s ad will essentially follow the visitor to the websites they visit after yours. This not only increases brand recognition but also increases the chances that the visitor will click the ad and come back to your site, which gives your business a second chance to get a conversion.

3.) Capitalize on new customers by having them market your online reputation.

 Your website traffic is through the roof and you are now generating more conversions through your website than ever. What’s next? Use those new customers to help you generate online reviews. Think about it…how many times have you looked for reviews about a company before you did business with them? A substantial amount of positive online reviews increases your credibility, your search engine rankings and can be the deciding factor of whether a customer chooses to do business with your company or a competitor.

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