Adwords Management

What’s Adwords Management?

Adwords Management is advertising using Google’s network. For example, if you owned a car dealership in Indianapolis, you would probably want an advertisement to appear when someone living in Indianapolis searches the term “new car dealership” in Google. We can make that happen. With Adwords, you get quick, measurable results and you only pay for each individual click. Depending upon your campaign type, ads can be shown as text, image, or video. Our Carmel Adwords Management campaigns can be a great option for companies selling high price-point products or services. If you’re interested in exploring the best Adwords Management campaign options for your business, give us a call!

Why Choose Adwords?


Fast, measurable results


Fine tune your budget and schedule when your ads appear


Target customers based on location


Only pay when your ad is clicked


Quick 1st page ranking!

What Our Carmel Adwords Management Team Does

We set up your account within Google Adwords or the Bing Yahoo! Network. We will help you navigate through the various benefits of each platform so we can target what will work best for your business.

We perform market and keyword research to determine the most viable keywords for the products or services you offer. We target keywords that will generate high traffic volumes with the right intent, at the right cost.

We set up your campaign with the appropriate ad groups based on keywords and keyword matching options. We regularly tweak the campaign for maximum click through and conversions, and we consistently mark negative keywords that either don’t convert or fail to align with your campaign objectives.

We work within the parameters of your desired budget and make sure we make the most out of it. Our data analysts fine tune your campaign based on trends in your market. For example, If a keyword is burning away at your budget but no conversions are being generated, the analyst will notify us of the issue and we will remove that keyword and add a more effective one. Furthermore, our Carmel Adwords Management team keeps a close eye on the campaign to make sure over expenditures don’t happen.

We perform A/B testing of ad copy to improve click-through rate (CTR) and quality scores. This brings the cost per click (CPC) down and gives you more bang for your buck.

We set up web form, phone, and Google Analytics conversion tracking that can be monitored through our Next Up Dashboard. Our dashboard gives you a month-by-month breakdown of where we are seeing success, where the campaign needs work, and how many leads have been generated for the month. It’s ultimate transparency and it keeps us on top of our game!

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