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We’re A LinkedIn Advertising Agency – For Those Looking For Quality B2B Leads

With LinkedIn advertising, you gain the ability to access targeted individuals based on location, company name, company size, job title, years of experience, and so much more. LinkedIn Advertising is a fantastic avenue for those looking for quality B2B leads. With our proven LinkedIn paid advertising process, we are able to get you scheduled calls with business professionals that WANT to talk to you. Interested in learning if we’re the right partner for you?

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If you’re not doing LinkedIn advertising you’re missing out

Here’s How Our Process Works

LinkedIn Advertising isn’t for everyone. That’s why we vet every potential client to make sure that we can deliver quality results.

Before we schedule a strategy session, we send over a Client Compatibility Form. This form allows our team to get familiar with your industry. It allows you tell us about your business, competitors, target demographic, and LinkedIn advertising goals. Once the client compatibility Form is completed, a representative will reach out to schedule a strategy call. during this call, we will provide a industry analysis, proposal, and all questions.

We build out your campaign from scratch based on your company’s needs.

Once we’ve agreed on specific campaign goals and objectives, we put our team into action. We build out your campaign for maximum effectiveness while consulting with you on relevant ad copy. We implement targeting measures that make sure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time. We monitor the campaign progress vigorously while tweaking the various measures to generate the best results possible.

The goal of LinkedIn Advertising is to generate the highest number of quality leads to your business possible.

We track our leads based on scheduled phone calls because we believe in transparent reporting. If your ads are running and phone calls aren’t being scheduled, then what’s the point? Our reports outline ad type, impressions, clicks, and conversions. We also provide an average Cost Per Lead (CPL) for the given month along with a CPL analysis on a per Ad basis.

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